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SWOOSH, SWIRL,............................AMELIA?

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SWOOSH, SWIRL,............................AMELIA? Empty SWOOSH, SWIRL,............................AMELIA?

Post by Alyria Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:56 pm

It is night in Painesville, Ohio.

In the woods surrounding a place called Indian Point a fox chases a rabbit. Racing around trees and diving under bushes the rabbit can not seem to lose it's pursuer. It seems as though it will not make it, the fox is closing the gap between himself and his prey, when suddenly, a few yards in front of the rabbit, a swirly vortex of doom rips through the very fabric of the ozone. Bright colors circle in mid air, causing a very strange disturbance in the otherwise dark forest. Both creatures sense danger and try to stop. The rabbit, though, is already much to close and is instantly sucked into the rift. The fox stops in time and quickly about faces, he'll find something different for dinner tonight.


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SWOOSH, SWIRL,............................AMELIA? Empty Re: SWOOSH, SWIRL,............................AMELIA?

Post by Triston Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:23 pm

It was a bit late and Triston had taken Cray to his favorite park, Indian Point. Hand in hand, they both walked about the trails, admiring the pretty tree's and the snow. Triston was also admiring Cray's new hair. She had cut it a little, and dyed it black.

Triston was falling more and more in love with Cray. He wondered if she felt the same. He didn't care that she was young, she'd be eighteen in six months anyway. Ever since that one night, all they ever did was make love. So of course they had at the park, while Gaston stood awkwardly a couple feet away, but that was okay, Triston was fond of the little meerkat too, even though he couldn't touch him.

Suddenly Cray had stopped walking. "What is it?" Triston asked. But he didn't need to wait for an answer. Following Cray's gaze he saw what looked like a rip in the world itelf, almost like a painting that had gotten ripped. Before he could speak again, Cray and him got sucked into the rip.

Oh snap.

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SWOOSH, SWIRL,............................AMELIA? Empty mein Herz is für Sie.

Post by Braden Sat Dec 06, 2008 10:58 am

How awkward it is to go ice fishing. In December. With your father.

Braden hated the cold. He hated fishing. He didn't hate his father, but he didn't think that the price tag to living under his roof intially came with a Saturday, freezing his ass off on an upturned plastic bucket, hoping fish would bite the worm on the end of the fishing pole.

Apparently the prices were subject to change, because that was the price Braden was paying for family.

Once father and son were seated (un)comfortably, Braden's father cleared his throat.

"So how are you, son?" He asked. "Don't you give me one of those generic, 'everything's fine, Dad, thanks.' I want you to tell me how everything is."

Braden looked at his father, shifting and pulling his coat tighter around him. "'s going alright. I got an A in everything, except Spanish. I got a B in Spanish...Driving's still fun...Um... I dunno. That's it I guess."

His dad nodded, "Hmm."

A few moments of nature silence filled the air before his dad spoke again. "Are you and...Is Aven your...your boyfriend?"
Braden turned and stared at his dad, "What?! No!"
"Now, don't get defensive, Braden, it's just a question," his dad said, touching his arm.
"I'm not getting defensive. That's just the dumbest thing I've ever heard before in my entire life."
"And why does he never go to school? Doesn't he go to Mentor, like you?"
"No," Braden thought quickly, "he, um, graduated from Riverside. Last year."
His dad laughed, "No wonder he's dumber than a box of rocks."
Braden laughed too, "Yeah, I guess so."
"Listen, Brade, now that we got that out of the way, I forgot my handwarmers in the car."
"Oh, yeah, no problem, Dad, wait just a few minutes." Braden hopped up, eager to warm himself in the car. (Which Aven had lovingly named Hurley, after the brand on the coat Braden gave him. Because he's a goof ball.)
"Thanks, Braden."
Braden nodded, hurrying to the car.

Once he was a little out of the way, something in the trees caught his attention. Sparkling, colorful, and bright, it shone past the fir trees. Curious, Braden pushed his way to it. And before you could say anything, Braden was sucked up into the Rift. Straight to Amelia.


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SWOOSH, SWIRL,............................AMELIA? Empty Re: SWOOSH, SWIRL,............................AMELIA?

Post by Rowan Wed Dec 10, 2008 5:03 pm


After spending far too much time on earth, a new rift had finally opened up that (hopefully) took clio back to Amelia. Rowan had seen on the news something about people disappearing in this "Indian Point" place, and when he arrived to investigate, sure enough there was a shimmery, swirly vortex floating in mid-air.

Before leaving he'd contacted Alyria and told her to let Alecis and any other clio know where the new rift was. Now that he was here he apprehensively approached the vortex with Nym until the two of them were pulled into it.


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SWOOSH, SWIRL,............................AMELIA? Empty Re: SWOOSH, SWIRL,............................AMELIA?

Post by Peyton Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:29 pm

It had been about a week or so since Peyton had first arrived at earth. He didn't really like it here. The people were rude, he got arrested for smoking pot, lost his pot, escaped from what the humans called, "jail" but enjoyed his pot leaf tattoo a lot.

After Peyton had escaped this "jail" place, he had taken refuge in the woods. Poor Peyton was miserable. His whole body was achy. While in jail they had put a leesh on George several times, and would always get him so far until Peyton would scream out in pain.

He held George close, never wanting him to be far away ever again. These humans were so mean!

Stumbling here and there, like he was drunk, Peyton looked up and saw the same thing he saw at the ruins.

Ugh! The ruins! He will NEVER go there EVER again. With a stumbling run he ran straight into the rift.

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SWOOSH, SWIRL,............................AMELIA? Empty Re: SWOOSH, SWIRL,............................AMELIA?

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