um, i'm sorry, but...i think i'm lost. [no one until further notice.]

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um, i'm sorry, but...i think i'm lost. [no one until further notice.]

Post by Aven on Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:09 am

Aven had been wandering out in the cold for hours. This place was just not Amelia. Nothing was in any particular order and there were big, shiny, not-daemons everywhere. Slowly, shivering inside the coat he stole from Braden, Aven stepped inside a pretty building. There were clio inside it, so he figured he was allowed in.

He followed a group of them into a closet, curious as to why they were herding in there. He turned, standing away from everyone else so they didn't touch Ra, who was asleep in his pocket, probably hibernating out of instinct. The big metal doors started to close. Aven repressed the urge to leap at them and scream. He looked around nervously, calming as the others didn't seem alarmed. Then suddenly, the floor jolted.

"Holy shit!" He yelped.
The others around him stared at him. He straightened up and adopted an accent. "No, nothing. I just wasn't ready for it that's all." He tipped his nose in the air and shook as he ignored them.
Moments later, the doors opened again. The others calmly walked out, and Aven lept to the ground, resting his face on it. "Jesus." He said, imitating Braden. He looked up, stood and brushed himself off.

A woman slowly walked up to him, keeping her distance from the boy, who was probably high. "Hello, can I help you?" She was short, plump and had dark, curly brown hair. She was younger.

Aven looked at her and smiled. "Yes. What is this place?"

Shocked, the woman replied, "Why, it's a library!" Didn't everyone use their local libraries nowadays? "You can get books here! Free of charge if you have a library card!"
"A what?"
"A library card!" She said, smiling exhuberantly, "Would you like one?"
"Alright, follow me!" She led him to a counter. From behind it she pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil. Aven looked over the counter then awkwardly sunk back. She handed him the paper and the pen. "Now just fill out your information and you'll have yourself a library card."
Aven stared at the paper. Inside his head, raged the World War III, IV and V. N...n-ah...n-ah-may...
"Um," he looked up at her. "Can you ...write for me?"

The woman smiled, 'Why...yes of course...!" She took the paper back. "What's your name, sweetie?"
"Your...last name?"
"Oh, it's Silver. Aven Silver."
"Good to meet you, Aven Silver," she grinned. "What's your address?"
"My what?"
"Where do you live?"
"Oh. I used to live in Amelia. Really far away from here." He hopped on one foot and pointed in a random direction. "That way."
"I bet it was warmer there, huh," she smiled knowingly.
"Fuck no." Aven said, bitterly. "It's the same."
The woman frowned, taken aback by his language. "Alright. Well, what's your address."
"Braden's house."
"What's Braden's address?"
"I don't know."
The woman sighed, getting frustrated.
"Well, why don't you call him? Get his address." The woman picked up the phone. "What's his number."
Aven thought about it. He looked at his hands, and by some random chance, there was a number there. Braden must have put it there while he was sleeping. He stared at it. Then he showed it to her. "Here." The woman punched the number in.
"It's ringing. Here."
Aven pressed it to his ear like he had seen the woman do.
"...Hello?!" Braden answered. "Who is this?"
"BRADEN!" Aven said, loudly into the phone. "IT'S ME, AVEN."
The woman looked around embarrassed, trying to quiet Aven.
"Aven, what do you want?" He said, sounding upset.
"Are you mad at me?"
"Aven I'm at school!"
"Are you mad?"
"...No. No, Aven. I'm not mad, just tell me what you want. The teacher's giving me the evil eye."
Aven laughed. "That sounds weird."
"Just. Tell. Me. What. You. Want."
"What's your address?"
"531 Clarly Court." Braden recited quickly. "Now, I'm going to go now, bye, Aven."
"KAY. BYE." Aven slammed the phone down on the base. "It's 531 Clarly Court." He smiled at the woman, who stared back at him, awestruck.
"Alright...Well...We have your phone number already...That's all the questions I have for now."

She typed the information into a box and hit another button. "Alright," she pulled the card out of the machine. You just have to sign it right there.
"I have to what?"
She sighed. "Just write your name."
Slowly, nervously, Aven wrote his name. "There."
"It's all yours." The woman said.

(I have more, I just don't feel like typing anymore.)

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