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Luce! Empty Luce!

Post by Lucern Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:54 am

Full Name: Lucern Lafriet

Gender: Male

Birth date: October 28, 1991

Eye Color: Emerald green

Hair Color: Auburn, it comes to different lengths, but the longest is chin length.

Height: 6'4

his family: His current family numbers two, himself and father
included. He has a strong hate for his father and doesn't bother to
hide it. He left home (his father is an Aite) but has yet to settle.
He's on a search for his sister.

-Works very well in groups, he's good at encouraging others and settling conflicts.
-Extroverted. He'll often walk up to someone he doesn't know and say hi.
-Outgoing. Same as above. He can carry on chats as if he's known the person for years.
-Goes for the plan that's the surest to solve the problem. Very good with compromising.
-A leader.
-Fastidious. He likes knowing everything is in order, he looks good and things will go without a hitch. Rather vain.
-Passionate. He thinks that life is too short to go through not caring about anything. He's very gung-ho and enthusiastic.
-Has a slight affinity with animals. Good with his hands. Likes to carve things out of wood and such. Very good at it.
-He's probably best during the day, though he's been seen awake and charming at all times of the day and night.
-He's popular.
-He has a large group of friends, but he has one or two close friends.
shows his serious side more when he's alone. Most of the time he's
charming and not so serious, joking around, etc... it depends whats
going on and who he's with to have him show his serious side.
-Not hierarchical
-Passive aggressive. He rarely resorts to violence, even though he's physically strong.
-Talkative. Loves to joke, laugh and smile.
-Not territorial. Whats his is yours. Usually, anyways. There are some exceptions.
-Flexible. He goes with the flow.
-Independent, though he loves working and being in groups.
Usually has a carving knife and piece of wood in pocket, which he often
pulls out to work on. Usually wears headbands. Has several pets, which
includes one cat, Purrcival, a large cockatoo, Blitzwing, also known as
Blitz, and a chipmunk named Chatter. The three sometimes accompany him
on outings.
-I don't know if I covered this anywhere else; He's a
live and let live sort of person and will attempt to break up fights
when he sees them. He has a serious side but people often think he
doesn't and underrate him. Has a very easygoing manner. It's hard to
irritate him.

I think that’s everything...


Full Name: Azarath

Settled: No

Gender: Female

Eye color: Reddish purple with gold flecks

*Note: I had to edit this, thats why its only just up... I only just remembered. ^.^'

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