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Post by Alyria on Mon Nov 10, 2008 4:36 pm

:1: On Earth, do my clio still look the same?

Yes, your clio look exactly like they did when they were in Amelia. Nothing about their image has changed.

:2: Does my clio still have his/her dæmon?

Yes, your clio still has his/her dæmon. They are still unable to move more than 10 feet away from each other. You still have your settled status and or unsettled status.

:3: Does my clio's Eilemaiden work on Earth?

No. This is basically the only internal change your clio goes through. None of their powers apply here, besides their dæmon, your clio is exactly like a normal human being.

:4: How did my clio get to Earth?

The rift. None of them know for sure how they got here or how to get back. Only time will tell. None of the humans know either.

:5: Can I make a human being character?

Yes! Go for it, I want you all to make one or two or whatever. It'll be more interesting that way.

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