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Post by Alyria on Mon Nov 10, 2008 4:31 pm

:1: No God-Modding.

:2: You are allowed to create however many accounts you want. However, if you are caught abusing this rule, or if any of your accounts are un-active for 8 days and you haven't posted in the vacation thread they will be unactivated.

:3: No out of character chat. Take that to PMs, or the appropriate threads.

:4: No spamming.

:5: Obey your Overloridians from Amelia.

:6: Please, please be literate.

:7: There isn't really a rating for this forum, but no, erm, cybering? ITR is open to people of all ages and they don't need to be seeing that around.

:8: No killing other characters without permission from that person. xD

:9: Don't double post. The edit button is your friend.

:10: This is an original character RP, please don't use characters from other role plays/books/movies/etc.

:11: These are the things you NEED in your signature. I don't really care where you put them/how you put them. Colorful or whatever is cool, just make sure you have the information:
Your name. Your age. Human/Clio Dæmon info if that applies to you.

:12: Make your UserName for this forum your characters first name please. It's so much easier that way.

:13: In the same way, please make your profile all about your character. The intro section is the place to put your hobbies and such. :3

:14: If there is a name in brackets in the title of a topic (exp. [Alecis]) that means it is only for the author and that person to rp in.

:15: Please put the word END in bold lettering at the end of the last post in a topic. This is for the admins/mods to know when to lock a topic. If by chance we accidentally lock a topic that was still active, just pm one of us and we will unlock it for you. =]

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