Triston's Home. [Short random post of shortness.]

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Triston's Home. [Short random post of shortness.]

Post by Triston on Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:10 pm

After taking her to his home, Triston was growing very fond of Cray. They would watch TV together, which made Triston laugh because Cray was fasinated with it, they would cook together, laugh together, dance together, they were even cuddling together.

One cold snowy night, Cray was sitting on the couch watching Spongebob, she LOVED that odd little yellow creature. Gaston was asleep next to her. Triston got home moments later from a busy night at the firestation. He sat next to Cray and Gaston. They talked for a little while then got quiet for a minute. They looked at each other, and out of nowhere they kissed, and it was one of those hot steamy passionate kisses, yeah you know, one of those. Triston scooped Cray up into his arms, took her to his bedroom, and they made hot steamy fireman/dian love.

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