Where are the Daemons?! [Stella]

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Where are the Daemons?! [Stella]

Post by Lucern on Sun Nov 23, 2008 8:34 am

Luce and Azarath were abruptly dropped into a throng of clio. Azarath, who panicked and shifted into a small finch, gave a small cheep of fear and wilfed, becoming even smaller as she curled her body up as much as was physically possible, feathers flattening against her sides. Luce just stared around. The place he was at now resembled the carnival back home, but there were some new rides! And where were all the daemons! Was Azarath going to disappear now?! Luce grabbed Azarath and held on desperately, enticing a small peep of protest from the finch before he loosened his grip slightly.

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