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Frieda Smith

Post by Frieda on Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:38 am

~Frieda Smith
~January 2, 1988
~Currently 20 years old
~Brown (Wears magenta colored contacts even though she has 20/20 vision)
~She was abandoned as a baby, found on the doorstep of her caretakers.

~Gregarious, she's the life of the party type of person
~The first thing she thinks of, impulsive
~She loves animals, any kind at all
~Afternoon-Late night, say 11
~She swings either way, but mostly optimistic
~Large group of acquaintance-friends and then a couple of real friends
~Much more pensive by herself
~Not hierarchical
~Talkative, usually
~Territorial when it comes to certain things like family. You hurt her family, you pay
~Loud and jovial sort of person. Very tough but rather motherly. Actually, she's very into committed relationships. She's tired of the whole one night thing.

~She was raised by the employee of the bar where she works. Her 'mother' is very loving and a little smothering at times, but she's a very cool person and Frieda is very much like her.


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