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>:3 aliens. -Logan-

Post by Logan on Sat Nov 15, 2008 10:22 am

Full Name: Logan Arnold Price.

Gender: Male.

Birth Date: September 14th, 1991.

Eye Color: Brown.

Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black.

Height: 5'8".

About His/Her Family: He's always been the black sheep in the family. His two older brothers, Lars and Luke, are seniors in high school and have always been popular with different crowds. Logan, on the other hand, never really found his talent or fit in anywhere, and has always been a little awkward around other people. His family pretty much ignores the fact that he exists, and it's always been that way.


Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know: He's really big on the supernatural, though he doesn't talk about it much because everyone always makes fun of him for it.

- He usually just tries to stay out of the way in big groups. He'll do what he's told, and he won't bother anyone.
- He's introverted. Not many people care about what he's thinking anyways.
- Conservative. He usually faces rejection, so he keeps to himself.
- He usually tries to challenge himself as much as he can when solving a problem. He figures that this way he can figure out what he's truly capable of rather than going the easy way and not having any fun.
- Definitely a follower.
- He can be careless at times, but he can be careful, too. Depends on what he's doing.
- Passionate about most things.
- He works best at night, when people are asleep and won't bother him.
- People don't usually care to see him. He's not popular at all, unlike his brothers. He's just the weirdo.
- He can be both optimistic and pessimistic, depending on what's going on.
- He has a few close friends, but they live far away, so he doesn't get to see them much.
- He's quiet around most people, but if someone chooses to talk to him, he'll become this outgoing, friendly person. As long as they seem like they like him, he'll open up some. Once they start getting annoyed, he closes back up and blends in with the background as best he can.
- Very hierarchical, constantly realizing that he's at the bottom of the social food chain.
- Passive aggressive. He doesn't wanna tick anyone off.
- He can be both talkative and quiet, depending on who he's talking to and if they like him or not.
- Not territorial. He never really got the choice of having his own "territory."
- Flexible, not stubborn.
- He's independent. He takes care of himself and can handle things on his own.

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